The membership of the UKBA is open to all clubs and societies practising Bartitsu as well as those who are of clubs and societies for which there is a direct link to an area of Bartitsu, e.g. Boxing (Pugilism).

Being a member is more than just something you can say to members.

The benefits of membeship are listed below:

  • 4 x UKBA Patches for clubs and 1 x UKBA Patches for individual instructors and study leaders.
  • Certificate of membership recognising the club and individuals as members of the UKBA.
  • Full listing on the ‘Listed Affiliates’ page of the UKBA website.
  • Monthly email newsletter.
  • Full use of the UKBA logo and imagery.
  • Chance for further full networking not only between Bartitsu clubs but also enthusiasts and specialist clubs and societies.
  • Further, UKBA is currently looking to get discounts for insurance of clubs and societies.